Hey guys, Mojo’s show will have not only the kids, but adults enthralled.

One of the most natural talents in Australia. Spontaneous, engaging, hilarious and magical. Well known for winning over kids previously scared of clowns.

His unique blend of physical comedy, imagination exercises, balloonimals, song, dance and magic, will live in your guest’s memory for years.

Mojo doesn’t say he’s the best, others do. Call to find out if Mojo is available to make your party a hit.


Kids can’t wait to join his obstacle course treasure hunt.

He relives his stupefying, death defying tale of escaping beheading at the Governor’s behest and unfortunately forced into piracy, that’s right, he’s innocent!!!

Pirate games break up the hour, and the birthday boy shoots the pop gun and magically the target bursts.

Of course in accordance with the code, all take the pirate oath and share secrets from all corners of the flat world me hearties.

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All can appear on stilts. Mojo has performed all over the world.

Money back guarantee: That’s right, book with confidence. If Mojo has not performed as promised – Money back!


Contact Mojo in Melbourne

0412 365 711